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application of Optical Fiber Termination Box

Function: Connection box is the role of connecting the two section of the optic cable. The terminal box is where access to the ends of the cable,& then through the optical fiber access optical switch.Therefore,the terminal box is usually installed in a 19 inch rack.The number of cable terminals can accommodate more.The terminal box is playing the effect of protection for the cable is connected with the pigtail.In practical work, the terminal box can be used as interior joint box.But it is at least the connector box as a terminal box.Because their use is not the same.1、The transfer box can be divided into cable transfer box & cable distribution box.Their function is used in the user frontend,as the wiring.2、Connection box refers to the optical cable connection box,also called optical cable connector box.In some places, especially the radio system,also called optical connecting.Its role is to protect the cable joint are not subject to external damage.The distribution frame is divided into optical fiber distribution frame & cable distribution frameThe function also like the transfer box.But it is use for the operator's room.The hardware with fiber as transmission media. Application The Optical Fiber Termination Box as the carrier of information transmission.The hardware to optical fiber as transmission media.Have become the backbone of modern communication.The Optical Fiber Termination Box technique is proposed to realize the engineering technology from theory.High speed optical fiber communication has been realized today.Experienced several decades of total time.Birth & in-depth development of optical communication technology is an important information & communication in the history of reform.The Optical Fiber Termination Box widely used in the city, rural network systems, data & image transmission system.CATV cable television series,the purpose is to straight-through connection & branch power cable for connecting indoor.Play a role in pigtails disk storage & protection of joints.Made of cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray.Design of the structure is reasonable, beautiful & generous.You can take the cable cord is fixed on the terminal. 

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