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Vertical type of optical fiber fusion splicer

Vertical type of optical fiber fusion splicer closures looks like a dome, thus they are also called dome types. They meet the same specification as the horizontal types. They are designed for buried applications.
Splice closures provide room for splicing outdoor fiber cables together. Fiber splice trays are needed too. They provide the perfect protection for outside plant fiber cable joints.
Fiber splice closures accept both ribbon and round fiber cables. Each type (ribbon or round cable) fits respective requirement of different fiber splicing counts. They are widely used in optic telecommunication systems.
Fiber Optic fusion splicer Closure Installation Steps
Here I will outline the main steps involved in fiber closure installation.
1. Components in the closure
Fiber optic splice closure kit usually includes: end plate, splice tray organizer, fiber splice tray, cover, cable grommets, grommet retainer, mounting bracket and misc. hardware.
2. Fiber Cable Sheath Preparation
2.1 Expose the rip cord. This step involves marking the location with a tape marker, ring-cutting the outer jacket with a sharp knife, removing the corrugated armor if applicable, and shaving off the outer jacket to expose the rip cord.
2.2 Remove the outer sheath. This step involves making a longitudinal slit down the outer sheath, peeling off the outer jacket and corrugated metal, and cutting the rip cord flush with the end of the corrugated metal.

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