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Name:Optical transmission platform

OPT-3800opticaltransmission platform has fan coolingconfiguration, status display and monitor unit, and single power supply modulein basic configurati…


Name:series EDFA module
Model:EDFA module

Features:◇ Adopts980nm pump laser andhigh-performance erbium doped fiber optimized combination, with low noisefigure and good stability.◇ With outpu…


Name:FTX series forward optical transmission module
Model:optical transmission module

Features:◇ Optionalhigh-performance DFB laser, narrow spectral line, good linearity and highoutput power .◇ BothRF input ports in main and auxiliary…


Name:FRRX series forward optical receiving module
Model:optical receiving module

Features:◇ RFoutput level of +4dB~-11.5dB, optional manual adjusting or automatic controlfunction, and tri-color LED auxiliary instructing its operat…


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