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Name:Ten Ports EPON OLT       Model: OLT-1200

Optical line termination,  2 EPON interfaces (leave advance 4 PON card ,1 PON card with 2 SFP PON ports for PON slot ) 
  4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4Gigabit SFP slots, 1 10G HDMI interface, 1 debugging port, 1 management Ethernetport , 
-48Vdcpower supply input, 440mm(W) * 385mm (D) * 43.6mm (H), 19'', 1U. (adapt TK solution)
◇Highestintegration level in industry, 1U height, small size, high capacity,2 built-in PONs in main board, supports 8 PONs by 4 hot-swappable slots, fullload equipment supports up to 10 PONs.
◇ Strongdata switch ability, up to 68G full wire-speednon-blocking data switch.
◇ Richuplink interfaces, including 4*1000M uplink Ethernet ports, 4*1000M uplink SFPoptical module slots, and 1*10G uplink Ethernet port.
◇ 220Vacand -48Vdc dual power redundant hot backup, load balance operating,auto-seamless switch whichever power broke down, no service interruption.
◇ Hot-swappablecomponents, all PON/Ethernet interfaces, module/card in front and back panelare hot-swappable.
◇ Support flexible controllablemulti-cast, Proxy, Snooping and etc.
◇ Support strong VLAN extensionfunctions, including VLAN Stacking/Trunk,etc.
◇ Support flexible DBA,uplink/downlink service rate-limited, minimum broadband assigned precision is1Kbps.
◇ Adopt multi LLID and IEEE802.1ptechnologies, provide multi protectionQoS services.
OLT-1200is a miniaturization andmodularization GEPON OLT, broadband fiber access system platform, developed byV-Solution. It is fully compliant to IEEE802.3-2005 and Chinese technicalrequirement of Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON). This product supportsintegrated access service, such as broadband surf-netting, IP voice, IPTV, CATVand etc.
Equipment components



Full load




Main board


2 EPON interfaces, 4 Gigabit Ethernet  ports, 4 Gigabit SFP slots, 1 10G HDMI interface, 1 debugging port, 1 management Ethernet port, -48Vdc power  supply input


PON line card


Hot-swappable  2 EPON interfaces, compliant with IEEE802.3-2005 EPON technical standard, support 20km transmission distance  (Standard configuration without optical module)


Fans module


Hot-swappable fans module


Power module


Hot-swappable  power supply module supports 220Vac power in, builds  dual power redundant hot backup with -48Vdc on main board.

Hardware features

Equipment  parameters


440mm  (W) * 385mm (D) * 43.6mm (H)

Net weight

4Kg (Full  load)

Power consumption


Operating condition

Temperature:0 ~ +55℃,  humidity:10 ~ 90% (non-condensed)

Storing condition

Temperature:-25 ~ +70℃, humidity:10  ~ 90% (non-condensed)

Power  supply


48±3 VDC


176 ~ 264  VAC

Equipment  interface

Uplink Ethernet interface

1*10GE(HDMI connector), 4*GE ports (Ethernet port and  SFP connector)

EPON interface

10*EPON SFP interfaces

Console debugging interface

1 interface, compliant with RS232 technical standard

Out-of-band management interface

1 interface, compliant with 100Base-TX technical standard

Advanced features

Switch  function

10Gigabit switch backplane (Switch capability reach up  to 68Gbps), non-blocking wire-speed switch ability

8K MAC  address table, support 256 multicast table, support 4K VLAN (802.1Q)

Up to 1*10GE, 4* uplink GE aggregation (IEEE, support maximum 14 aggregation groups, support  port mirroring based on output interface


Support IEEE 802.1QVLAN, support 4K concurrent VLAN

Strong VLAN extension functions, support VLAN Stacking/Trunk and flexible QinQ, etc.


Support STP, RSTP


Support IGMPv1/v2 protocol, support IGMP Snooping/Proxy,  support controllable multicast

QoS and ACL

Support flow classification, mark, queue and  dispatch

Support flow filter and suppression of L2, L3, L4

Support ONU, ONU port and SNI port uplink/downlink rate  limited, rate limited precision better than ±5%

OLT uplink/downlink service based on IEEE 802.1D  User Priority marking and mirroring to different priority queue and  dispatching

OLT SNI ports support 8 priority queues, ONU UNI  supports 4 priority queues

Broadcast  storm suppression

Support broadcast, multicast and DLF broadcast storm  suppression, suppression based on setting PPS

Flow  control

Support IEEE 802.3x flow control in Full duplex mode, support backpressure flow control  in half duplex mode

Encryption  and security

Support legitimacy authentication based on ONU MAC  address

Support AES-128 bi-direction for each LLID and support  triple churning in downlink direction


SNMP, Telnet, Console

Support in/out-of-band management, support SNMPv1/v2, support IEEE802.3ah OAM

Management function

Support equipment configuration management,  performance management, fault management, sources management, safety  management and etc.

Support ONU remote management, remote mass  configuration download, software remote auto-update

Support ONU offline  configuration, auto-configuration when registered

Support ONU  line diagnosis and distance measuring

Redundant  backup

Support AC/DC dual power protection

◇ Triple-play(GEPON-IP, CATV, VOIP)

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