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Name:Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure FSC-A025       Model: FSC-A025

Optical fiber splice closure,Can be placed in aerial, underground, wall-mounted and duct-mounted appliances,fixing bolts are used to fix and seal,6 inlet and outlet ports(2x20mm+2x16mm+2x13mm), 1~5 trays for bunch or 1~5 trays for ribbon fiber. For bunch fiber - 025  tray(110*93mm) with 24 cores and heat shrinkable protective sleeves, accessories, 320 x 210 x85mm. (price for bunch fiber, with 1 trays, total 24 cores).

Features :                                                                                                                  
◇ Outside dimensions (L x W x T): 320 x 210 x 85mm, with 6 inlet/outlet ports, diameter of 2 ports is 20mm,diameter of 2 ports is 16mm, diameter of 2ports is 13mm
◇ Can be placed in aerial, underground, wall-mounted and hole-mounted and duct-mounted appliances.
◇ Effectively prevents products from aging caused by coldness, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation
◇ The strong housing and main components provide fire resistant, waterproof, and
quakeproof properties while protecting splices during pulling, torsioning and impacting
◇ Ensures long-term reliability and usage under ambient temperature from -40 to
+65 degree.
◇ The curved diameter meets the international standards
◇ The installation accessories provided with the FOSC: seal tape, insulation tape,2 pieces of special wrenches, abrasive cloth, earthing wire, nylon tie, labeling paper and measuring paper,desiccant.
◇ Accessories for customers' selections: earthing deriving device, pressure testing
valve, buffer tube, wall mounting bracket,aerial mounting bracket and pole mounting bracke


Outside dimension (LxWxH)

320×210×85 (mm)

Weight (excluding outside box)

2650g – 2800g

Number of inlet/outlet ports

3 (pieces) on each side 

Diameter of fiber cable

Φ8—Φ20 (mm)

Capacity of FOSC

Bunchy: 12—120 (Cores)


Download DOC:

FSC-A025 Installation Manual


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