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Name:12 Core indoor/outdoor optical fiber terminal box FTB-A12       Model: FTB-A12

FTTH indoor termination box, 2 inlet and 12 oulet port,with 1x12 PLC splitter and 12pcs adapter
◇2 inlet&12 outlet
◇ Support SC, ST, FC, LC adaptor
◇FTTx application
◇multi-layer design                                                                                                                    
◇wall or pole mount
The UDM Splitter Terminal box is rugged, low cost, low
profile interconnection between central office and multi-dwelling units of FTTx application.
The design of UDM splitter terminal combines the functionality of a local convergence cabinet with UDM terminal.
Its multi-layer design allows installers to access only the components necessary for initial installation or subscriber turn-up. It can house the splitter and allows for pigtail splicing of distribution/drop cables as needed
Indoor or outdoor rated
· Available 1x4, 1x8, 1x12 splitter as well as 2x4, 2x8,2x12 splitter
· Suitable for wall-mounting or pole mountingapplication.
· Max. up 12 pcs of FTTH drop cable or pigtails
· Suitable for wall-mounting or pole mounting application.
· 2 inlet ports and 12 outlet ports
◇Telecommunication Network
◇Local Area Network

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