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Name:Fiber Optic Clamp (metal)       Model: FOC-2

Fiber Optic Clamp, SS304 stainless steel, suitable for less 12.1mm*6.0mm flat cable.
◇ Material: SS304 stainless steel
◇ Structure: strain and fix
◇ Size: Sell 7cm*1.3cm, Hold 19cm.2cm, Shim 8.5cm*1.1cm
◇ Weight: 43g
The products are made of best materials, so as to perform excellent in 
corrosion, abrasion and tensile strength resistance. The products are strong and 
durable, these products are widely applied in suspension, stretching and fixing 
cable wire and optical cable.
◇ Fix GYXTC8S, GYTC8S and so on

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