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Name:AQ1200 Yokogawa OTDR       Model: AQ1200

Yokogawa AQ1200 is a 5.7" screen, light weight multi field tester with powerful and flexibility function. Includes USB ports for data storage, remote control and a fiber inspection probe with optional built in OLTS function (light source and power meter), PING test function, and visual fault locator
Features :                                                                                                                                  
◇ 80cm event dead zone
◇ Video fiber inspection
◇ Optical loss test function optional
◇ Many SLT, HLT, VFL& LAN options available
◇ Support PING test
◇ One button testing
The AQ1200 Multi-Field-Tester OTDR is a compact and lightweight handheld OTDR with functionality optimized for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber cables and equipped with functions and operability that make the field testing easier. The AQ1200 offers three models, each of which has unique wavelength(s) based on their application. It is the test solution that improves work efficiency and quality.
◇ Optical fiber network

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