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Name:FC Optical fiber pigtail       Model: OPT-FC/APC-SM

Optical fiber pigtail,  G652D, 9/125um, 0.9mm, LSZH, 1.5m, FC/APC connector.
Features :                                                                                                     
◇ Low insertion loss
◇ High return loss
◇ High stability and reliability
◇ SM and MM, single  cores, Φ0.9mm, Φ2.0mm, Φ3.0mm(PVC/LSZH)
◇ length is specified
◇ FTTH, LAN, PON & Optical CATV
◇ Local ring net
◇ Optical fiber communication system
◇ Optical fiber test equipment

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FC/APC Optical fiber pigtail


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