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Optical transmission platform

Model: OPT-3800
OPT-3800opticaltransmission platform has fan coolingconfiguration, status display and monitor unit, and single power supply modulein basic configuration, And forward optical transmission, forward opticalreceiving, reverse optical receiving, EDFA, optical switch, RF switch, forwarddriving amplification and power supply module are optional.

series EDFA module

Model: EDFA module
◇ Adopts980nm pump laser andhigh-performance erbium doped fiber optimized combination, with low noisefigure and good stability.
◇ With output optical poweradjustable function, 4dB output power adjustable range, 0.1dB adjusting step,easy to debug and equipment backup.

FTX series forward optical transmission module

Model: optical transmission module
◇ Optionalhigh-performance DFB laser, narrow spectral line, good linearity and highoutput power .
◇ BothRF input ports in main and auxiliary input are in behind,the signal isolation between auxiliary input port and main input port isgreater than 40dB.

FRRX series forward optical receiving module

Model: optical receiving module
◇ RFoutput level of +4dB~-11.5dB, optional manual adjusting or automatic controlfunction, and tri-color LED auxiliary instructing its operation status.
◇ Twooptical receiving modules can be redundant backup receiver.

4RRX series four-way reverse optical receiving module

Model: 4RRX optical receiving module
Eachstandard module contains four-way separate reverse return optical receivingchannel, and mixed into two-way RF output, which can be composed of four-wayseparate receiver or two pairs of mutual backup receiver for the subscriber toselect.

series optical switching switch module

Model: optical switching switch
Switchingpower threshold value can be adjusted in a larger range, the subscriber canadjust it in -12~+2dBm.