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Fujikura fusion splicer FSM-70S

Model: FSM-70S
The Fujikura 70S is a fully ruggedized, core alignment fusion splicer, providing consistent, low loss, splice performance.
The new design streamlines the steps required to complete splices, resulting in greater productivity. "Configurable automation" features allow you to customize the operation of the machine to best suit your particular splicing technique and process.

Fujikura high precision cleaver CT-30A

Fujikura high precision cleaver, preparation for single fiber(cleave length 6~20mm)/ribbon fiber cables (up to 12 counts, cleave length 10mm).
◇ Compact body& light weight
◇ Applicable up to 12-fiber cleaving
◇ 48000 fibers blade life(3 height x 16 positions)
◇ Fiber scrap collection-free